Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weeks 12 & 13

Week 12 – November 12-16: Rapunzel and Tangled
Monday:  Evening Film: “Tangled” by Walt Disney, 2010 (100 Min)
Tuesday:  Read: The Complete Fairy Tales, "Rapunzel,” pp. 42-45
Read: Lüthi: Chapter 8: Rapunzel, pp. 109-119
Wednesday:  Guest Speaker: Jim Mayola: Planning for Your Future: Part 2: “The CEO Database/Developing Your Action Plan” (CEO Office, Rouzer)
Thursday:   Review Session for Paper2 with Mary and Daniel
Friday:    Boys & Girls Club Service Learning Project
Blog Entry 10: Find a cartoon on-line with a Rapunzel motif and discuss the cartoon and compare it with either the original tale or the Disney film. Add a copy of the cartoon, name of cartoonist and the source (URL). Blog is due by Sunday, November 18.

Week 13 – November 19-23:  Exam 2
Tuesday:   Paper 2 is due on Tuesday
Film: Silence of the Lambs - Part 1
Wednesday  No Class – Thanksgiving Recess
Thursday:   No Class – Thanksgiving Recess

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