Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 6 - October 1-5: Snow White, Socialism and Feminism

Tuesday: Snow White Continued
Report 9: Marcia Lieberman: “Some Day My Prince Will Come” On Blackboard under Course Documents.
Report 10: Verena Kast, “The Snow Queen. Motifs from Favorite and Dreaded Folktales of Childhood,” pp. 49-73 On Blackboard under Course Documents
Read: Anne Sexton, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” On Blackboard/ Course Documents
Report 11: Maria Tatar, “From Nags to Witches: Stepmothers and Other Ogres,” In: The Hard Facts of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales, pp. pp. 137-155. On Blackboard/ Course Documents

Wednesday: Guest Speaker: Sara Krome: Planning for Your Future, Part 1: "Choosing a Major/ Career Planning" (CEO Office/ Rouzer)

Thursday: Masters reloaded. The Brothers Grimm and Rammstein
Optional: Film: “DEFA Snow White” East German Production (60 minutes)
Blog Entry 6: Write a midterm reflection about your progress in the class. What have you accomplished in the class so far? Have you achieved your goals? How did you achieve them or not? What were the reasons for that? How much time did you spend studying and preparing for the class? What was the most/ least challenging part of the class? What parts of the class did you enjoy the most and why? Please explain, describe, be specific. Blog is due by Sunday, October 7. 

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