Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week 7 – October 10-13: Exam 1 – Littel Red Riding Hood

Week 7 – October 8-12: Little Red Cap
Monday:                Review Session for Exam 1
Tuesday:               Read: The Complete Fairy Tales, "Little Red Cap" (93-96)
Report 12: Kast, Verena, “Little Red Cap. Favorite and Dreaded Folktales from Childhood,” In: Folktales as Therapy, pp. 1-26 On Blackboard under Course Documents.
Wednesday:       Lecture in Alumni Hall by the author of Delete
Evening Review for Exam 1
Thursday:             Exam 1: The test will cover all materials studied in the semester including all required readings and fairy tales. 
Blog Entry 7: Find a cartoon on-line with “Little Red Riding Hood” as a theme and write a reflection on that cartoon. What kind of cartoon is that (political, social)? How do you like it? Etc. Add a copy of the cartoon, name of cartoonist and the source (URL).  Blog is due by Wednesday, October 17.

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